Your life can be joyful and full of vitality,
when your body regains balance and health

Your Life Can Be Joyful And Full Of Vitality,
When Your Body Regains Balance And Health

You CAN have energy, restful sleep and feel balanced

Our lives are busy … work, children, husband, friends, and other commitments. As women, we tend to put everyone else first. When we don’t take care of ourselves, it can lead to depletion, lack of energy, hormone imbalances, poor sleep, digestive dysfunction, frequently illnesses or other persistent complaints.

I know from experience how that can happen.

I wore myself by putting unreasonable pressure on myself to get it all done. Eventually, it led to insomnia, significant hormone imbalances, rock bottom energy, digestive issues and adrenal fatigue. I thought I was living a healthy life. But why was I so tired and why did I have so many health complaints?


When you suffer from hormone imbalances, PMS, headaches, fibroids, poor sleep, perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms, digestive dysfunction, autoimmune conditions or depleted energy, you long to feel well again. You may struggle with the daily demands of life. Perhaps you’ve tried conventional medical treatments without success.

You’d give anything for a good night’s sleep, to eat freely without worrying about food reactions, to reach and maintain your desired weight, and to have the energy to face each day with optimism.

Holistic wellness recognizes that the part can never be well
unless the whole is well.

Your body’s innate intelligence WANTS to be balanced and function optimally. All it needs are the tools to get there: the right nutrients, stress relief, the right food for YOU, the belief that you can return to health and well-being – and time.

I can help you. I’ve done it for myself.

I understand how you feel, and I know how to help you rebalance, repair, rebuild and regain your vitality.

Our bodies are magnificent machines! Our complaints and symptoms are trying to tell us that something is out of balance. But trying to get rid of symptoms doesn’t work.

Focus on well-being from the inside out and you’ll feel vital and empowered again

I won’t ask you to count calories or fat grams. Instead I use functional testing and assessments to understand where you need support. I listen to your story to get clear on your history and complaints. Then I make suggestions based on YOUR body’s unique requirements and innate intelligence. Gradually, your whole body and being come into balance so that you can find your way back to wellness and function the way you were meant to.

  • Before I started working with Len, I was experiencing severe digestive/ constipation that eventually turned into diverticulitis. Also, my uterine fibroids were making me feel heavy. My energy levels were low, and my anxiety was high. Since I'm on the go a lot, I tended to eat whatever was convenient, so my diet consisted of sugar-filled energy drinks, bread, cheese, crackers, chips, and soy products (awful for uterine fibroids).

    At first, making dietary changes seemed daunting, but I noticed how much better I felt when I cut out the energy drinks, then I cut out refined flour foods, then cheese, then empty snacks, and soy. Once I realized how much better I felt, it was easier to cut foods I thought I wouldn't be able to. My diverticulitis hasn't come back in over a year, and I'm experiencing a lot fewer symptoms from my uterine fibroids.

    It is possible to make dietary changes, even if you are busy, and think you can't do it. Also, another crucial thing to point out, Len's nutrition plan isn't about depriving yourself; she teaches about how necessary good fats are like, salmon, avocados, and almond butter. She will also provide you with tools to help you find foods and recipes rich in nutrition and flavor that will not only heal your body but leave you feeling satisfied.

    ~ D.A.

YOUR body is unique. Remove stressors and 
give it what it needs to repair

Its nutritional requirements are highly individualized. What works for someone else might not work for you. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, environment and history all play a role.

Together, we’ll look at these factors and customize a diet to address imbalances and deficiencies with YOUR challenges and goals in the forefront. I’ll recommend food choices and other strategies in a plan that’s customized specifically for you, your body and your lifestyle.

  • Working with Len has been a life changing experience, and I can say that with confidence, having fallen “off the wagon" more than once. Len has taught me so much about how my body works, or doesn't work, based on nutrition, digestion, stress relief, and sleep. No matter how my life situation changes, Len is always there with new ideas and suggestions to help me rediscover my balance.

    ~ I.A.

Health is a state of body.
Wellness is a state of being.

True wellness means that you look forward to each day

— filled with energy, vitality, and joy!

What can you expect from this work?

You become intimately acquainted with your body and being, and what it takes to get and stay healthy. Over the course of your journey to wellness, you’ll:

  • Recognize how food choices affect your health and well-being
  • Optimize the functioning of your gastro-intestinal tract so that you digest and ABSORB your nutrients effectively
  • Discover the best foods for YOUR BODY
  • Improve immunity
  • Balance hormones naturally
  • Improve peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms
  • Improve stress management capability
  • Decrease auto immune symptoms
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve sleep

I’ll be your cheerleader and guide on your journey to better health.
I’ll give you helpful resources, keep you on track and troubleshoot when challenges arise.

Take the first step on your journey to wellness

I offer complimentary initial consultations. Let’s talk on the phone or in-person to discuss your health goals and see if we’re a good fit to work together.