Could your child’s ailments 
be connected to nutrition?

Could your child’s ailments 
be connected to nutrition?

That was the flash of insight I had with my daughter…it’s her FOOD.

Sophie was healthy and meeting all of her developmental milestones. However she was very hyperactive. She couldn’t sit still, talked incessantly and couldn’t focus. Her teachers regularly complained about her disruptive behavior. I tried everything I could think of — less TV, more exercise, more sleep, more fresh air. Nothing changed.

Testing revealed that Sophie was highly sensitive to gluten, food additives and chemicals. After six weeks on her new, cleaned-up diet, I had a new child. She was calm, attentive, happier and self-confident. She confided in me that she felt better about interacting with other kids when she could control her speech and actions. Other children responded to her more positively as well.

I couldn’t believe that such a remarkable transformation could be so easy and life-altering for the whole family!

It’s natural to be concerned when your child has a health complaint. As a mother you want your kids to be happy and healthy. Perhaps conventional medical tests have shown that “everything’s normal,” but you still sense that something is off. I know that frustration and feeling of helplessness when you don’t know what to do next – yet your child is suffering.

As with Sophie, there may be a connection between YOUR child’s health concerns and the food they’re consuming. Because their bodies are small, food chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, pesticides, and other additives can have a more profound effect on our little ones than on adults.

And – nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities can aggravate other health complaints.

Holistic nutrition looks at the whole body, not just symptoms

Each child is an individual and has individual needs. Once YOUR child’s challenges are clear, adjustments to their food and nutrition can have a profound healing effect on their little bodies.

I recommend only natural protocols that are safe for children

Together we can discuss your child’s complaints, examine their food intake and health complaints, perform functional tests if necessary, and formulate a wellness plan based on natural protocols. We address some of the following issues:

  • Constipation
  • Digestive complaints
  • Hyperactivity
  • Picky eating
  • Poor appetite
  • Reflux
  • Skin Rashes
  • Slow growth
  • Stomach complaints
  • Teenage athlete nutrition
  • Weak immune system

With this natural, holistic approach, your child 
can be
calm, healthy, happy and thrive at home, in school and socially.

What can you expect from working with me?

When your child’s health improves because of nutrition that fits your child’s individual constitution:

  • You stop worrying about your child’s physical and emotional development.
  • The atmosphere at home calms down: everyone can get enough sleep and mealtimes are relaxed and fun again.
  • The whole family becomes better educated about food, and you can make better food choices for all.
  • Everyone in the family feels better from following a healthier nutrition plan.
  • You’re relieved because now you know what foods your child thrives on, so you can plan healthy meals.
  • Your child feels calmer and more centered which contributes to better learning in school.
  • Your child is better able to make friends, navigate social situations and participate fully in school activities without being disruptive.

Take the first step on your child’s journey to wellness: a complimentary consultation

Let’s talk on the phone or in person to discuss your health goals for your child and to see if it’s a good fit for us to work together. Go here to set up your appointment.