About Me

My passion

Hi! I’m Len Schulze.

I’m a holistic nutritionist, and it’s my passion to help others regain health and well-being naturally by balancing body, mind, and spirit.

My daughter’s story

I came to nutrition and wellness coaching after experiencing the power of food first hand in my own life. The first “aha” moment that changed the direction of my life came when I realized that my daughter’s health issues were related to food.

My life was humming along nicely until my second daughter was born. Sophie was healthy and meeting all her developmental milestones, but she was also hyperactive, couldn’t sit still, talked incessantly and couldn’t focus. Her teachers regularly complained about her disruptive behavior. No matter what I tried, nothing changed.

Until my flash of insight….it’s her food.

Testing confirmed that Sophie suffered from significant gluten and chemical sensitivities. Within days of starting her on a strict gluten-free and chemical-free diet, Sophie was able to sit still and was happier and calmer. Six weeks later the changes were so dramatic that I felt that I had a new child.

My Story

Despite a demanding career as an accountant in corporate America, I considered myself healthy. I exercised regularly and followed the official food and nutrition guidelines of the day. Yet over time my health and well-being declined. The stress of work and family, poor sleep, and nutritional deficiencies led to hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue (very low energy), leaky gut and anxiety.

The standard one-size-fits-all solution offered by a general practitioner only made my symptoms worse. I then began a quest to find out why I was told that my tests were “normal” but I still felt awful.

Rebuild – physical

My healing began when I applied the knowledge I’d gained from my daughter’s recovery to myself. First, I changed my diet to accommodate my bio-individual needs and food sensitivities. However I still needed to dig even deeper.

Reevaluate stress – mental

I realized that true healing requires balancing not only your physical body, but also examining your thoughts, beliefs, priorities and worries. Physical and mental stress deplete your body. You can’t reach wellness until your stress level is recognized, evaluated, and balanced.

Restore internal energy – spirit

Finally, I discovered a wonderful practice called Qi Gong. This ancient practice is part of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves movement and visualizations that calm, cultivate, and rebalance your internal life-force energy.

Incorporating all these aspects — body, mind, and spirit — into my healing resulted in my feeling energized, happy, and healthy. For optimal health all three must be in balance.

My renewed life focus

Years earlier I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with an economics degree. I went on to earn a master’s in accounting and pass the CPA exam. I worked for years as a corporate accountant. It seemed normal to continue doing accounting work, especially with all this education.

However, it was time to re-examine my priorities and passions in life. After seeing first hand the power of healing through food and natural wellness techniques in both myself and my daughter, I was inspired to go back to school to earn a holistic nutrition degree.

I now focus my energy on helping other to rebalance, rebuild, and restore their health and vitality from the inside out. I know that changes in nutrition and lifestyle can create positive, healthy changes in people’s lives. These insights and successes sparked my desire to serve others by sharing the lessons I’ve learned along my path.

My Philosophy

I believe that each person is a bio-individual. This means we each have specific nutrient needs based on genetics, past and current health challenges, childhood and current food intake, stress level, age, pharmacological intake, and activity level. There is no one-size-fits-all health and wellness regime. Each of us has lived a unique life so each one of us has varying health and wellness needs.

I believe that when you are in balance and tuned into your body, your body’s innate intelligence will guide you to the right foods and the optimal amount – without counting calories or fat grams.

I believe that if you’re craving certain foods or you’re finding yourself eating uncontrollably, your body is out of balance. Cravings are a symptom of a deficiency somewhere in your life — either nutritional or emotional.

I believe that in order to achieve optimal health you must address the body as a whole and not try to fix symptoms. Symptoms are our warning sign that something is out of balance.

I believe that our bodies have an innate intelligence to rebuild, rebalance, and thrive if given the correct building blocks. I call these building blocks my “Pillars of a Radiant Life.”

My “Pillars of a Radiant Life”

  • Nutritious food and balanced blood sugar
  • Movement and joyful activities
  • Stress management
  • Positive thoughts and gratitude
  • Restful sleep
  • Internal energy cultivation – Qi Gong

A calm, relaxed, presence

Clients tell me that they appreciate my calm, relaxed, and patient way of being with them.

I bring to my health practice the same organizational skills and attention to detail that marked my career in accounting. I believe in transparent processes with measurable, accessible goals.

Take the first step on your healing journey

It’s my passion to help others feel and look their best through food, nutrition and lifestyle changes. As a compassionate cheerleader, I’ll help YOU live your most radiant life too.

Contact me for an initial discussion so that you can get to know each other and see if it’s a fit to work together.